Welcome to Kouchini Website

Kouchini is introducing a wonderful idea of living naturally and choosing Organic Products. We shall be taking part at  Spring 2019 Toronto Gift Fair Congress Centre Hall 9 Booth # 9321 Date Jan 27th to Jan 31st. 
Bring fashion to your home with Kouchini and a selection of specialty products for the Bedroom and kitchen. We offer the latest in Letex Pillows, Contour Pillows, Organic Wool Products, Comforter Sets, Fashion Bedding, Bedsheets / Duvets, Waterproof Mattress Pads, Bed Bug Mattress Pads, Duvet Covers, Custom Bedroom Linens, Sleeping/Bed Pillows, and Home Fashions. We are now carrying a wide range of Bed Wear and are constantly adding new patterns to give you the best and largest selection to choose from.
Our Home has a vast number of functions. It frames life and offers safety in a turbulent world. It us a resort where the family gather to eat, bath, play and sleep. It is a sanctuary from a perhaps hectic everyday life where one can find peace, relax and collect new energy for tomorrow’s doings. It frames the big and small events of life – dinners, evenings with friends or family reunions. Most of all, it gives those living in it a possibility to be themselves.